General Description

NW 20T is a nickel chromium alloy wire, which is identical in chemistry to Nichrome 80, used in arc system. It can produces dense, well-bonded coatings with excellent machineability, electrical conductivity and high temperature oxidation resistance up to 980℃.

Equivalent to:

Tafa 06C

Typical Applications

It is widely used for machine element repair, electrical and high temperature corrosion applications, oxidation and heat resistant coatings.

Chemical Composition

Grade C% P% S% Mn% Si% Cr% Ni% Al% Fe%
Nichrome 80 Max 0.08 Max 0.02 Max 0.015 Max 0.6 0.75-1.60 20.0-23.0 Bal. Max 0.50 Max 1.0

Physical Properties

Density: 8.4 g/cm3

Melting Point: 1400 °C

Typical Deposit Characteristics

Typical Hardness: 80-90 HRB

Bond Strength: 7200 psi

Deposit Rate: 10 lbs /hr/100A

Deposit Efficiency: 70%

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