Resistance Strip

Resistance Strip For Braking Resistors

In addition to their use as heating elements in furnaces and appliances, nickel chrome resistance alloys are also used in instruments and control equipment to measure and regulate electrical characteristics, for example, resistors. Such as braking resistors for railway and traffic applications with spot-welded strip elements made from NiCr 80/20.

Strip Size

Normally thickness: 0.4mm-1.6mm, width: 60mm-150mm, other sizes available per request

Strips produced by NiWire has a uniform resistance, having been supplied to many manufacturers of breaking resistors, neutral grounding resistors, and so on.

Ni80Cr20 80Ni-20Cr NiCr 80/20 Х20Н80 Х20Н80(Н) NCHW1 NCHRW1 NIKROTHAL 80 ISAOHM
Ni70Cr30 70Ni-30Cr NiCr 70/30 Х30Н70 NIKROTHAL 70 CHROME 70
Ni60Cr15 60Ni-16Cr NiCr 60/15 Х15Н60 Х15Н60(Н) NCHW2 NCHRW2 NIKROTHAL 60 CHROME 60
Ni35Cr20 35Ni-20Cr NiCr 35/20 Х20Н35 NCHW3 NCHRW3 NIKROTHAL 40 CHROME 35
Ni20Cr25 20Ni-25Cr NiCr 20/25 Х25Н20      
Cr25Al5 CrAl 25/5 Х23Ю5Т Х27Ю5Т FCHW1 FCHRW1 Kanthal AF
Cr23Al5 CrAl 23/5 Х23Ю5 kanthal D

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