Thermal Spray Wire

NIWIRE manufactures the highest quality wire for both arc spray and flame spray operations. With the wire drawing and precision wire wound ability we can offer wide range of diameters and package.

NIWIRE Alloy Material Equivalent to TAFA Applications
NW 235T FeCrAl Alcro Well-bonded coatings with excellent wear and high temperature oxidation resistance
NIWIRE Alloy Material Equivalent to TAFA Applications
NW 200T Nickel 06T Machine element repair, corrosion resistance
NW 718T Alloy 718 78T Oxidation resistance, resistance to acidic and chloride environments
NW 20T Ni20Cr 06C Machine element repair, electrical and high temperature corrosion applications
NW 625T Alloy 625 71T Oxidation and heat resistant Coatings, corrosion resistance, digesters
NW 276T Alloy C276 77T Excellent resistance to stress corrosion, cracking and chlorine environments
NW 400T Alloy 400 70T Highly resistant to seawater, atmospheric corrosion,various acids and alkaline environments
NW 955T Ni5Al 75B Bond Coat, Tightly adherent and oxidation resistant
NW 450T NiCrTi 45CT Boiler tubes, excellent corrosion resistance and good wear resistance

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