After more than 10 years in the nickel alloy field, NiWire Industries Co., Ltd. has grown to a modern medium-sized company with specialist experience and innovation, providing solutions to difficult and challenging nickel alloy applications.

NiWire Industries, with modern manufacturing facility, well maintained equipments and skilled experienced manpower, possesses a fully integrated production line starting from melting of raw material to forging, rolling, drawing and final testing stage. With its vision to achieve “Best In The Field”, we establish strict management rules from selecting raw material, operating equipments, controlling process and so on.

We are making wires and strips and bars from its foundation, but now pipes, tubes, plates, forgings are all available. Special fund is earmarked to improve quality and equipments every year. And we cooperate with reserch institution closely.

NiWire Industries has been operated under the simple premise that total customer satisfaction is the key to our long-term success and growth. Our primary objective is to exceed our customer’s expectations of product quality and service.

We adhere to:

Continuous improvement of products, service and after-service

Enhancing the efficiency of the equipments, making our price more competitive

Retain our clients for long time cooperation by our professionality and assistance