General Description

Nichrome 80 is a high grade austenitic alloy. Due to its ductibility and strength at high temperature, Nichrome 80 is especially suitable for applications in the electrical appliance industry. In industrial furnace use Nichrome 80 has many advantages due to its excellent mechanical properties in the hot state. Nichrome 80 has superior life compared to competitive FeCrAl alloys because of the extremely good adhesion properties of the surface oxide.

Typical applications for Nichrome 80 are ironing machines, water heaters, resistors, plastic moulding dies, soldering irons, metal sheathed tubular elements, cartridge elements and so on.


Grade Material DIN AMS UNS
Nichrome 80 2.4869 17470/17471 5676 N06003

Chemical Composition

Alloy Ni% Mn% Fe% Si% Cr% C%
Nichrome 80 Bal. Max 1.0 Max. 1.0 1.00 – 1.50 20 – 23 Max 0.10


Grade Specific Resistance 


(Electrical Resistivity)



Linear Expansion Coeff. 


Bet RT & 1000°C


Maximum Operating
Temperature of Element (°C)

(in air)

Nichrome 80 1.09±0.05 8.4 18.0 1200

Size Range

  Wire Strip Ribbon
Dia (mm) 0.025-10
Width (mm) 5-250 0.4-4
Thickness (mm) 0.05-2.5 ≥0.025


Cut to length wire, flat wire, stranded wire are all available!

Want to know resistance per meter of each diameter? Please refer to  Nichrome Wire Data Table.

Want know more about Nichrome 80 wire, please refer to Technical Data of NiChrome 80 Cold Draw Wire.

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