General Description

NiCr 7030, also called  Nikrothal 70, is an excellent material for resistance wire and strip. The resistance alloy is used for electrical heating in industrial furnaces.

Chemical Composition

Grade Ni% Mn% Fe% Si% Cr% C%
NiCr 7030 Bal. Max 1.0 Max. 1.0 1.00 – 1.50 28 – 31 Max 0.10


Grade Specific Resistance 


(Electrical Resistivity)



Linear Expansion Coeff. 


Bet RT & 1000°C (10-6/K)

Maximum Operating
Temperature of Element (°C)

(in air)

NiCr 7030 1.18±0.05 8.1 17.0 1100

Size Range

NiCr 7030 Wire Strip Ribbon
Dia (mm) 0.05-12
Width (mm) 5-250 0.4-4
Thickness (mm) 0.05-2.5 ≥0.025


Cut to length wire, flat wire, stranded wire are all available!

Want to know resistance per meter of each diameter? Please refer to  Nichrome Wire Data Table.

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