General Description

ER385 filler metal is used primarily for welding of ASTM B625, B673, B674, and B677 (UNS N08904) materials for the handling of sulfuric acid and many chloride containing media. ER385 filler metal also may be used to join Type 317L material where improved corrosion resistance in specific media is needed. ER385 filler metal may be used for joining UNS N08904 base metals to other grades of stainless steel. The elements C, S, P, and Si are specified at lower maximum levels to minimize weld metal hot cracking and fissuring (while maintaining corrosion resistance) frequently encountered in fully austenitic weld metals.

Chemical Composition

Grade C% Cr%* Ni% Mo%* Mn% Si% P% S% Cu%
ER385 Max 0.025 19.5-21.5 24.0-26.0 4.2-5.2 1.0-2.5 Max 0.50 Max 0.02 Max 0.03 1.2-2.0


ER385 is manufactured by NiWire Industries under AWS A5.9.

Available Product Forms

ER385 is available on spool (Precision Layer Wound) and in cut straight lengths. We have controlled cast and helix for MIG wires.

Available in Diameters Length
Straight Rods(TIG)-inch .047 .062 .093 .125 36 or 39
Straight Rods(TIG)-mm 1.2 1.6 2.4 3.2 915 or 1000
Spooled Wire (MIG)-inch .030 .035 .040 .045 Spool
Spooled Wire (MIG)-mm 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.14 Spool

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