General Description

904L is an austenitic stainless steel with low carbon for use under severe corrosive conditions. It contains 25% nickel and 4.5% molybdenum which provide good resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking. 904L has superior corrosion resistance in comparison with 316L and 317L. Due to addition of Cu, this alloy has excellent corrosion resistance agianst reducing acids such as sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid.

Common applications are production and transport of sulfuric acid, metal pickling in sulfuric acid, paper and allied industries, Chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical Composition

Grade Fe% Ni% Cr% Mo% Cu% C% Mn% Si% S% P%
904L Bal. 23.0-28.0 19.0-23.0 4.0-5.0 1.0-2.0 Max 0.02 Max 2.0 Max 1.0 Max 0.035 Max 0.045


UNS N08904

Werkstoff Nr. 1.4539


904L Bar: ASTM A479

904L Forging: ASTM A484

904L Sheet/Plate: ASTM A240

904L Pipe/Tube: ASTM A312

Physical Properties

Density:8.0 g/cm3

Mechanical Properties

Solution Annealed

Tensile: Min 490 MPa

Yield: Min 215 MPa

Elongation: Min 35%

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