General Description

NW-Rod 2848 (E2848W) is a coated electrode used for joining and restoring similar cast steels such as G-NiCr28W (Alloy 22H/2.4879). The high carbon 28%Cr-48%Ni-5%W provides excellent strength and oxidation resistance against high temperature of 900-1200℃.

Chemical Composition

Grade C% S% P% Si% Mn% Ni% Cr% W% Fe%
E2848W 0.40-0.50 Max 0.03 Max 0.03 1.0-2.0 Max 1.5 47.0-50.0 27.0-29.0 4.0-6.0 Bal.


There is no international specification for this electrode, our electrode is equivalent to THERMET 22H by METRODE.

Mechanical properties as welded

Tensile Strength: 920 MPa

Elongation: 13%

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