General Description

E2535Nb is a coated electrode used for joining resistant cast alloys with 0.4%C-25%Cr-35%Ni-Nb (DIN 1.4852, 1.4853). It is also suitable for high carbon 18Cr/38Ni-Nb alloy such as DIN 1.4849.

It is used at temperatures up to 1100°C and is resistant to thermal shock and fatigue. The electrode is optimised for DC+ welding in all positions.

Chemical Composition

Grade C% Si% Mn% Ni% Cr% Nb% Fe%
25-35Nb 0.40 1.0 1.5 35.0 25.0 1.20 Bal.


EN ISO 3581-A

EZ 25 35 Nb B 6 2

Mechanical properties as welded

Tensile Strength: 920 MPa

Elongation: 13%

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