General Description

NIWIRE 2535Nb is used for joining and surfacing of heat resistant CrNi-cast steels (1.4848, 1.4852, 1.4857) in reforming ovens.

Chemical Composition

Grade Ni% Cr% Nb% C% S% P% Si% Mn% Fe%
2535 Nb 32.0-37.0 24.0-27.0 0.7-1.5 0.35-0.45 Max 0.04 Max 0.04 Max 2.0 Max 2.0 Bal.

Mechanical Property

As welded

Tensile Strength: >620 MPa

Yield strength 0.2%: >390 MPa

Elongation: >8%


NIWIRE 2535Nb is available on spool (Precision Layer Wound) and in cut straight lengths.

Straight Rods(TIG)-mm: 1.2-3.2

Spooled Wire (MIG)-mm: 0.8-1.2

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