General Description

17-4PH is a martensitic, precipitation hardening stainless steel with Cu and Nb additions. The grade combines high strength to approximately 316℃, and a moderate level of corrosion resistance.

17-4PH is capable to obtain a wide range of mechanical properties depending on the precipitation or aging temperature. The corrosion resistance of 17-4PH is similar to 304 stainless steel and superior to that of the 400 series martensitic stainless steels.

Applications of 17-4PH include aircraft structural parts, fasteners, pump shafts, valve parts, chemical process equipment and nuclear components.

Chemical Composition

Grade Fe% Ni% Cr% C% Mn% Si% S% Cu% Nb% P%
17-4PH Bal. 3.0-5.0 15.5-17.5 Max 0.07 Max 1.0 Max 1.0 Max 0.03 3.0-5.0 0.15-0.45 Max 0.035


Grade UNS AISI Werkstoff
17-4PH S17400 630 1.4542

Physical Properties

Grade Density
17-4PH 7.78 g/cm3

Mechanical Properties

Condition Aging Treatment Tensile Strength MPa Yield Strength σp0.2/MPa Elongation
Hardness HRC
480℃ ≥1310 ≥1180 ≥10% ≥40
550℃ ≥1060 ≥1000 ≥12% ≥35
580℃ ≥1000 ≥865 ≥13% ≥31
620℃ ≥930 ≥325 ≥16% ≥28

Our Production Standard

Standard Bar Sheet/Plate

Size Range

17-4PH bar, plate, sheet are available.

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