General Description

NW CrAl4 is a high-temperature ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium steel (FeCrAl alloy) alloyed with rare earth elements which improves oxidation resistance. Due to the high contents of aluminium and chromium in combination with rare earth elements (Lanthanum, Yttrium, Cer, Hafnium, etc. …), NW CrAl4 has good mechanical properties, thermal stability, thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance against high temperature.


NIWIRE developed NW CrAl4 foil and metal fiber production by reroll strip to thickness 30μm thickness and redraw 0.5mm wire to 8μm metal fiber.

NW CrAl4 foil is used to making metallic substrate for catalytic converts and diesel particle filters in automotive exhaust systems. Also used as heating material for cooking plates and ceramic hobs.

NW CrAl4 metal fiber can be used to making Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Sintered Metal Filters and Metal Fiber Burners.

Chemical Composition

Grade C% Si% Fe% Cr% Al% RE%
NW CrAl4 Max 0.03 Max 0.4 Bal. 18 3.0-4.5 0.04%-1%

Physical Properties

Density: 7.3 g/cm3

Max Working Temperature: 1200°C

Melting Point: 1500 °C

Specific Resistance (at 20°C) (µΩ-m): 1.23±0.08

Linear Expansion Coeff. (T=20 – 1000°C) x10-6 : 13.0

Mechanical Properties

0.1mm thickness hard condition

Tensile: Min 800 MPa

Yield: Max 1100 Mpa

Elongation: Max 2%

Hardness: Min 270 HV

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