General Description

CrAl 27-7 made by NiWire Industries, iron-chromium-aluminium alloy (FeCrAl alloy) which is recommended for use at wire temperatures up to 1400°C Max., can replace Kanthal series. In addition to industrial furnaces, it is used in appliances where its high resistivity and good oxidation resistance are of particular importance.

Chemical Composition

Grade C% P% S% Mn% Si% Cr% Ni% Al% Fe% Mo%
CrAl27-7 Max 0.05 Max 0.025 Max 0.025 Max 0.2 Max 0.4 26.5-27.8 Max 0.6 6.0-7.0 Bal. 1.8-2.2

Physical Properties

Density: 7.1 g/cm3

Max Working Temperature: 1400°C

Melting Point: 1520 °C

Specific Resistance (at 20°C) (µΩ-m): 1.53±0.07

Linear Expansion Coeff. (T=20 – 1000°C) x10-6 : 16.0

Mechanical Properties

Tensile: 687-784 MPa

Elongation: Min 10%


Wire, Rod, Strip/Foil, Stranded Wire, Heating helix coil are available

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