General Description

Inconel 718 NACE has an adjusted composition which allows the material to have a different range of characteristics. Inconel 718 NACE has a tighter element content range in addition to adjusted annealing and aging temperatures which produces a product with lower mechanicals, larger grain and increase toughness. The tensile and yield are lower as well as the hardness which is lower than that of the AMS specification.

Inconel 718 NACE is commonly used in oil and gas industry for various applications. These severe environment wells have significant concentrations of H2S, CO2, chlorides and high bottom hole temperatures. The largest use is for downhole tools such as subsurface safety valves, packers, flow control devices and other tools. These alloys are also used for wellhead components and valve bodies.

Chemical Composition

Grade Ni% Cr% Nb+Ta% Mo% Ti% Al% C% Co% Mn% Si%
Inconel 718 NACE
50-55 17-21 4.87-5.2 2.8-3.3 0.8-1.15 0.4-0.6 Max 0.045 Max 1.0 Max 0.35 Max 0.35
P% S% B% Cu% Pb% Se% Bi% Ca% Mg% Fe%
Max 0.01 Max 0.01 Max 0.006 Max 0.23 Max 0.001 Max 0.0005 Max 0.00005 Max 0.003 Max 0.006 Bal.

Double vacuum melted Inconel 718 is specified to keep the residual elements, carbides, nitrides and oxides at low levels. Specifying low levels of these residual elements allowed control of the microstructure and phase morphologies. Specifically, carbon was specified to .045% max, and P, S, Pb, Se, and Bi were specified to ppb levels. Ti, Al and Nb levels were tightly controlled as well.


Inconel 718 NACE MR0175 MR0103 6A718

Physical Properties

Grade Density Melting Point
Inconel 718 NACE 8.2g/cm3 1180°C-1340 °C

Mechanical Properties

Inconel 718 NACE Tensile Strength 0.2% Yield Strength Elongation Hardness
Solution&Aging Treatment 1034 N/mm² 827 N/mm² 20% <40 HRC

Size Range

Inconel 718 NACE Bar: Dia. 12mm-300mm

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