General Description

Inconel 625, a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy contains 9% Moly, serves effectively as both a corrosion resistant and heat resistant material. The combination of high-temperature strength and resistance to halogen attack, oxidation, and carburization has made alloy 625 a popular choice for chemical and petrochemical process equipment exposed to hostile, hightemperature environments.

The high alloy content of Inconel 625 enables it to withstand a wide variety of corrosive environments. The alloy is almost completely resistant to mild environments such as the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater, neutral salts, and alkaline media. In more severe environments, the combination of nickel and chromium provides resistance to oxidizing chemicals, and the combination of nickel and molybdenum provides resistance to reducing conditions. The molybdenum content also makes Inconel 625 highly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. The columbium stabilizes the alloy against sensitization and prevents intergranular corrosion. The high nickel content provides freedom from chloride stress-corrosion cracking.

Inconel 625 made by NiWire is made into chemical processing equipment, aircraft engine and airframe components, ship and submarine parts, nuclear reactors.

Chemical Composition

Grade Ni% Cr% Mo% Nb+Ta% Fe% Al% Ti% C% Mn% Si% Cu% P% S%
Inconel 625 Min 58.0 20-23 8.0-10.0 3.15-4.15 Max 5.0 Max 0.4 Max 0.4 Max 0.1 Max 0.5 Max 0.5 Max 0.5 Max 0.015 Max 0.015


UNS N06625

Werkstoff Nr. 2.4856


Inconel 625 Wire: ASTM B446

Inconel 625 Bar: ASTM B446

Inconel 625 Forging: ASTM B564

Inconel 625 Pipe: ASTM B444/B704/B705

Inconel 625 Sheet/Strip: ASTM B443

Physical Properties

Density:8.4 g/cm3

Melting Point: 1290°C-1350 °C

Mechanical Properties

Annealing Treatment (Grade 1)

Tensile: Min 850 MPa

Yiled: Min 450 MPa

Elongation: Min 30%

Solution Treatment (Grade 2)

Tensile: Min 700 MPa

Yiled: Min 300 MPa

Elongation: Min 30%

Welding of Inconel 625

Any traditional welding procedures can be used to weld Inconel 625 to similar alloys or other metals, such as gas tungsten arc welding(GTAW), plasma arc welding (PAW), metal inertia gas welding (MIG) and so on. Before welding, remove scale, grease, mark and imprint. And no heat treatment needed before and after welding. Recommend filler wire regarding welding Inconel 625: ERNiCrMo-3

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