Our products are used as pre-material or components by a wide variety of industries, here we will introduce some that we are dealing with.

Spray Wire

NiWire Industries produces thermal spraying wires is in a wide range of alloys for high-temperature corrosion protection, bonding layers.

Following alloys are available: FeCrAl Alloy, NiCr Alloy, NiCrFe Alloy, NiCu Alloy.

FeCrAl Alloy Foil

NiWire's core skills lie in the field of metallic foils for catalytic converters. In the years' development, we can make foil thickness to 0.050 mm and we focus on further reductions in the thickness of the Fe-Cr-Al foils.


Resistance Strip

NiWire produce Ni-Cr alloy strip and Ni-Cr-Fe alloy strip which used to make resistors for high speed trains. With experience making strips for many years, our resistance strips are bright, straight with uniform resistance and without any holes, cracks.

stranded nichrome wire

Stranded Nichrome Wire

Stranded resistance heating wire produced by NiWire Industries has many advantages, such as deformation ability, thermal stability, mechanical character, shockproof ability in thermal state and anti-oxidization.

    permalloy shielding parts

Permalloy Shielding Parts

From the very beginning, NiWire is making permalloy wire, strip, rod and bar. Now we are also can offer our clients such as E.I laminations, magnetic shielding cases, permalloy tube, mumetal cores, shielding covers and so on.